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Why women are enough

I have had the privilege of working with a lot of people during my journey as a life coach and NLP practitioner. The best thing about doing what I do is watch shifts in people and seeing how weights get lifted off their shoulders in as little as one session.

During December 2018 I had the opportunity to be part of an incredible project called Journey To You, which was filmed and will be televised later this year. We are even hosting another one 21, 22 and 23 March 2019 ( with the great master coach and owner of Action Factory (Deon Groenewald).

What being a part of this journey taught me, was how people beat themselves up about the past. People carry so many burdens that were placed on them, since birth that is not even theirs to carry. By doing NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques with them, you literally watch their chest open up, their breathing change and their physiology develop.

As a mother of two boys (4 and 6) myself, I find it even more prominent amongst women and mothers in particular. It seems like women naturally feel responsibility for everyone in their lives. Somehow the female population feels that it is their duty to insure that everyone around them is happy. They take responsibility for the emotional well-being of their husband/partner, their children, their siblings, their parents, their friends and even the general public out there.

I find that women try and play so many roles in today's society that they loose track of their authenticity and the natural gifts that they have to offer this world. We find ourselves so busy with everyday "stuff", that we barely get a chance to focus on ourselves, our purpose and what makes us truly happy.

I have a BA Degree in Live Performance and coming from the film industry I find that women are the best actresses and performers by default, just by their existence everyday.

I hear women say all the time:

"I should try and be more patient with my children."

"I should show my husband/partner more appreciation and love more often."

"I should really get more organized and keep a better schedule."

"I wish I could remember important stuff easier."

"I should really spend more time with my friends."

"I should loose weight."

"I should change my style."

"I should feed my family more healthy meals."

"I should exercise more."

"I should relax more."

"I should have more fun."

"I should do more exciting and adventurous stuff."

"I should earn more money."

"I should have more hobbies."

"I should be calmer."

"I should be more patient."

"I should teach my kids more discipline."

"I should go on more holidays or break-aways"

I should, I should, I should...

What does the dictionary say about the meaning of the word "should":

"used to indicate OBLIGATION, DUTY, or CORRECTNESS, typically when CRITICIZING someone's actions."

SHOULD you really?

What if you were kinder to yourself? What if being you is just enough? What if other people are actually not as hard on you as you are on yourself? What if you stopped criticizing yourself? What if you stopped giving yourself more obligations, duties and correctness?

Think about it... You already have so much to do as a woman. You have so much to deal with as a woman. You play so many roles already as a woman. Why give yourself unnecessary additional tasks, duties and obligations. Give yourself a break!




Read this again and say it out aloud like this:





Being a woman already is a superpower, a privilege and an honor. Be YOU. Be a woman and make us proud. Just BE.

A lot of women always ask me: "Can I really have it all or am I just fooling myself?"

What do you think? Comment below and lets discuss what your experience, beliefs and perceptions are of whether women can indeed have it all?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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