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In my life coaching sessions, the first thing I do is an alignment of self, to establish what we need to work and focus on.  This means that I look at the following aspects of your life:


  1. Environment

  2. Behaviour

  3. Capability

  4. Beliefs

  5. Values

  6. Identity

  7. Vision and Mission

  8. Spirituality


Especially as women and mothers, we lose track of these different parts of what makes us "us" and lose balance in the process.  We do not take enough time (or even have enough) to give attention or some real thought to this, as we are just juggling daily tasks.


This is exactly where a life coach comes in.  A session forces you to have a good look at each aspect of your life in order to align yourself with your true values and purpose.  Once we have established what to work on, we use different techniques to help you get from any stuck state to the desired state.  These techniques practically equipt you to be able to deal better with any situation in your life and make it work best for you.


Often times I have clients contacting me for a specific reason and we land up working on something that they did not realise themselves had to be focused on.  


My job is to ask the right questions and look for the true answers that you are not necessarily admitting to yourself.  


Techniques include:


  • The Disney Pattern - for goal setting and dreaming

  • Values Elicitation & Wheel of Life

  • Well-Formed Outcomes - a 6 step plan to reach a goal

  • Anchoring - physically programming the desired state

  • New Behaviour Generator - for any behavioural changes

  • Strategy for responding to criticism 

  • Perceptual positions - to be able to get perspective on different perceptions in order to get clarity

  • Swish Pattern - to replace unwanted behaviour with wanted behaviour

  • Phobia Cure - to deal with any phobias that you might have

  • Timeline - effective in trauma or past experiences that still serves as a trigger

  • Resource Triangle - to gather resources in order to get from a stuck state to the desired state

  • TV trash technique - to daily get rid of any experiences that you do not want to carry into your future.  This technique teaches you to keep the lesson and let go of the detail that will not serve you in the long run

  • Parts Integration - to find your highest intention






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