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Why timing is everything!

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Last year my husband built me the most extraordinary vegetable garden and I was so excited to fully get into the soil and test my green fingers to their limit. I bought so many seeds and planned the different beds to perfection.

What you have to understand is that preparation is everything, even though my title states a different fact.

I have related life coaching so many times to nature and could learn so much from the earth that we live on and how it works. There have been times that I would just sit in nature or my garden and watch how nature teaches its many lessons.

How does this relate to life coaching and life itself:

1. It all starts with a thought: You think of starting a vegetable garden. You dream about it,

visualize it and hope arises.

2. You research facts and when to plant certain seeds, in which areas and how far apart.

3. You plan a vegetable garden and see opportunity.

4. You start preparation, by working on the soil, buying the seeds, etc

5. You go over to action and actually plant the seeds, water it and look after it.

We even went as far as to install sprinkler systems, build raised beds, build a structure

around it with netting and gates to keep the birds out. I even researched which plants

and herbs to plant together in order to keep pests away as I did not want to use any


The important part to understand here is that you cannot miss one step and that is exactly how life coaching works. You have to have a plan and do every step accordingly, in order to achieve your goal.

It starts from preparing the soil, choosing the right seeds, watering the seeds accordingly and MOST importantly getting rid of any weeds that arise amongst your precious plants.

You cannot just remove the weeds on the surface, but you have to remove it root and all. You have to be alert, vigilant and in the moment and the moment you notice a weed, you have to get rid of it.

This is the same with life coaching. I teach NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to get rid of weeds, prepare the soil and establish what seeds you would rather sow in the fertile soil, but this does not mean that weeds won't arise. Life works like that. This is the law of nature. Things will happen and weeds will grow, but the faster you notice them, identify them and pull them out, the better chance your garden has of flourishing in the healthiest, most beautiful way.

The same applies for pests and diseases that effect the true nature of your plant or your life.

Where my title of this blog comes from is this:

You have to recognize harvest-time. It is important to know when the vegetables and fruit are ready to harvest. If you pick them to early then they will not be juicy, ready or ripe for consumption. If you leave them too long, then they will rot, change colour or dry out.

The timing is absolutely critically important when it comes to harvest-time. It is all good and well to go through all the effort and the entire process with passion, dedication and commitment, but if you do not recognize when to harvest then it is all in vane.

I find that a lot of people (including myself) does this in life. They get a great idea/thought, they get extremely passionate and excited about it. Then they expand their knowledge on the subject, do research and apply planning to an excellent degree. Every step of the plan gets followed and done to perfection. They put in all the work, all the effort and truly deserves a great harvest.

Then, one of two things happen:

1. They start getting impatient, loosing passion, looking for new challenges and sort of

forgets about what reward they did this all for. They loose sight of the end goal.

2. They do not recognize when it is harvest time and miss it. They do not recognize

that the opportunity is presenting itself and when they recognize it, then it is often times

too late.

The conclusion is that it does not mean anything if you go through the entire process, but never get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, so to speak. Is it worth it? Or is it only feedback?

Your feedback in this case would be to sharpen your ability to notice harvest-time, to be alert and in the moment. You have to be so in-tune with what your final goal is that NOTHING and NO-ONE should distract you from it.

Who of you can reflect back on things in their life now and realize that if you were just more aware and if you were very clear about your final goal, you would have achieved it? If you just had patience, kept your passion and did not get bored with the process... would you then have achieved your goal and thrived in the harvest period?

Link to my video of my garden.

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